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Speed & Design event december 2000 at the Jaarbeurs, Utrecht Holland

The fair was held at the Jaarbeurshallen in Utrecht and focussed on interior and exterior design and tuning or cars and bikes, caraudio and classic cars. It was held from november 30th - december 3rd. I visited on friday evening, which was not so crowded as during the day. Had a good chance of checking everything out and taking some pictures. This year there was a lot of caraudio stands and lots of audio-filled cars were showed. The most extreme was a pick-up truck with 12 of the biggest Rockford Fosgate amps powering a dozen subs. This lot went VERY low and my guts turned a few times when the subs were just vibrating. Awesome!
There were quite a few Citroens, Saxo and AX only of course. The main attraction in the rear of the building was the Italian stand, with quite some Ferrari's, Bugatti's and mainly Maserati's. The first time I ever saw a Merak, qp3 and an Indy in the flesh. Two Ghibli II's, a Shamal (yummm) and various Biturbo's).
Some pics of the cars at the event

Saxo Extremely lowered US-er Marcos Mantis GT looking very brutal Race Saxo's Tuned Saxo De Tomaso Pantera Bugatti GB 1100 GT Maserati Indy Maserati Indy Maserati Indy Maserati Ghibli Maserati Shamal Maserati Merak BMW of team Braspenning